Argan Oil, a miracle of well-being that comes from the desert.

Argan oil, also known as gold of the desert because of its origin, it’s a natural oil, it’s the most expensive in the world, produced by the fruit of Argan tree that was born in the southwest Morocco area, bordeling the desert of Western Sahara.
Accurate and precise scientific studies have confirmed the multiple uses and characteristics of this renowned oil. Depht clinical ana- lysis have revealed Argan oil is a very rich natural mixture, made up of various active substances as: Vitamin A,E,F, fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, a real well-being miracle coming from desert. Argan oil is also an effective cure against aging, it promotes the production of collagen in the skin, it stimulates the intracellular oxygenation and it eliminates free radicals responsible for facial wrinkles and aging signs on hands an body; it’s a real gold liquid. We have chosen Argan oil because it’s one of the best natural ingredients with peculiarity for beauty and health of our body and our skin. Dreamflex applies millions of microcapsules containing Argan oil essence on the fabric used in the making of mattresses. The microcapsules in contact with the skin or with a simple movement, release the beneficial substances contained therein. These substances are absorbed by the human body with beneficial effects. The argan microencapsulation checks the emission of benefical substances and it keeps their characteristics active, thanks to the slow and gradual release of the active element. An Argan oil mattress helps to protect the ecosystem in which we live in fact it was born by the use of renewable natural elements such as water and argan.