Elisir is a real source of aesthetic well-being. It consists of care- fully researched and balanced materials to offer a satisfying rest. The upper plate in Memory Foam, treated with Argan Oil, su- stains the body, it gently follows its features and it avoids the for- mation of pressure points that are real obstacles for blood circulation. The non-deformable water – based acquapur plate, without cfc, supports every single movement, thanks to its grea- ter self-regulating subsistence. Making the most of the thermo- sensitive properties of the Memory, means preferring simple solutions that allow the total use of this excellent material.
The Comfort Suite lining, in viscose and stretch polyester, is made unique by a very soft padded layer, for a truly excellent fee- ling of comfort.
• Stretch Polyester – Viscose fabric treated with Argan oil
• Hypoallergenic Leacril / 600gr.
• Insulating sheet
• One Memory Foam plate with Argan oil DS50
• One water-based Acquapur plates without CFC
• 4 handles
• Removable
• Height 24/25 cm
• Side band 3D Air System
• Size: 80×190 85×190 90×190 120×190 140×190 160×190 165×190 170×190