Revolution is the Italian mattress for excellence, thanks to its ability to combine the beauty of the product with maximum comfort and innovation. Revolution is one of the few products on the market to be completely breathable.
The mattress consists of an upper plate in Ginseng Memory and 4 plates in Acquapur, water based, without CFC, with different densities medium and firm, which with their ergonomic shape give a great sense of well-being.
The latest generation Ginseng Memory has microparticles that help blood circulation by reducing pressure points. In addition, the memory is combined with the innovative spring system, or micro polyurethane springs with a density of 40.
The Silver Lux lining is antimicrobial and antistatic, dissipating the annoying electrostatic discharges and regulating the mattress temperature.

• Viscose-Polyester stretch fabric
• Hypoallergenic Leacril / 600gr.
• Insulated covering
• 1 Layers in Memory Ginseng
• Four water-based Acquapur plates without CFC
• 12 variable weight bearing
• 4 handles
• Removable
• 24/25 cm high
• 3D Air System side band
• Size: 80×190 85×190 90×190 120×190 140×190 160×190 165×190 170×190