This highly innovative mattress is made with delicate materials, born by the mixture of raw materials water – based.
Vanity is composed by polyurethane expanse cfc – Free it is anatomic, worked to make constant micro-massage, for maximum relaxation of the cervical vertebrae and maximum confort during the rest.
The particular covering in Viscose, a fabric characterized by a workmanship and particular sketch used in prevalence for types of mattresses not removable and not washable and the stuffing in Allergenic Fiber, completely unassailable from mold, microorganisms and dust mites, they make some mattress Vanity an invincible ally of the hygiene and the nighttime comfort.

• Viscose fabric
• Hypoallergenic Polyester Fibre
• Insulating mesh
• Hight density polyurethane expanse
• 4 Handles
• 19 cm high
• Size: 80×190 85×190 90×190 120×190 140×190 160×190 165×190 170×190