Wellness was born by the connubial between high quality materials and production processes that exploit innovative technologies. A 7 different zones structure, it is composed by 5 layers that have several physical, technological and ergonomic features. The constant air circulation among independent suspensions with the combination to the reticular memory layer, ensures an ideal breathable and hygienic action, allowing a perfect microclimate in every season.
Viscoelastic, high density self-modeling and thermoregulatory memory layer allows a very quick reaction to the dynamic stres- ses facilitating quick anatomical adaptation that eliminates the period of accommodation and sinking effect, it eliminates the annoying and uncomfortable pressure point and it relieves muscles tensions. The other 5 layers in Acquapur water – based CFC – free, have a different density – one in medium, the other is firm and with their ergonomic shape allow a greater sense of immediate well-being it also used as an excellent bedsore product.

• Viscose – Polyester stretch fabric
• Hypoallergic leacril / 600gr.
• Insulated covering
• 7 variable weight bearing
• 1 Layers in Memory Ginseng
• 5 Layers in Acquapur CFC free waterbased
• 4 handles
• Removable
• 24/25 cm high
• 3D Air System side band
• Size: 80×190 85×190 90×190 120×190 140×190 160×190 165×190 170×190